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Deer Park ​

The aim is to create a “new ensemble” of four architectural objects within the historical tradition of the city park by J.P. Zocher conforming to the plan of Delva Landscape Architects. To achieve this, it is necessary to look for a coherent whole at many different levels. The objects within this ensemble should not only relate to another building, but to the public, the yard, the routing, the sight lines, the trees, the water and other design elements, creating an architectural scenic entity. Zocher always linked his architectural objects very precisely with the landscape’s structure. The new plan is closely aligned with Zocher’s English landscape style vision by connecting the ensemble of buildings with the


The Ice Cellar

The existing ice cellar tells a story about the dear camp that is no longer visible. The idea is to show this story again from multiple sides in the area by creating a built structure on top of the ice cellar.

Whether this becomes a folio or the ice cellar becomes a special meeting location can be decided later in the process. Certainly it must become a landscaped identification point.

Project: Deer Park
Client: Staatsbosbeheer
Location: Den Haag
Status: Study finished
Team: Ard de Vries Architecten

Photos model: Arie de Leeuw

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