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Valkenberg Estate

The “coulisselandschap” (patchwork) sandy landscape has a rich topography, made varied by a dense set of streams. The area’s distinctive character has grown with its flora; the “kampen” ( ash -man ) , ash, hedgerows, thickets, and amphibians ponds. The villa is part of the tradition here in the Dutch landscape and therefore occupies a position in Twente. However, it appears as an autonomous object in a way that affects the landscape as little as possible and leaves the landscape unbroken. This is not part of the tradition. It returns to an even older memory of the landscape, the house tries to assimilate to the emptiness, the views and seclusion, which is characteristic of the patchwork flatlands. The length of the entry communicates with the existing hedgerows. The new closed field for animals can be experienced viewing from above in the central kitchen, and the panorama of the ash enjoyed from in the privacy of the livingroom. In this way, the landscape resonates to the villa in its multiple forms.


In the deep valley between the mountains Oldenzaal and Bentheim, the river Dinkel has flowed for thousands and thousands of years northward. This region is particularly known for it’s Bentheim sandstone tradition. Just northeast of the old city of Oldenzaal lies Agelo where logically it is a tradition to use the sandstone as building material. The beautiful barns near Dinkelland are made from untreated oak, a material that can be found at abundances at the location. The trees are cut down for the home by the family themselves and left to dry.

Project: Valkenberg Estate
Client: Private
Location: Agelo
Status: Finished 2015
Team: Ard de Vries Architecten

Photos house: Kim Zwarts

Contractor: Bert Damink

Constructor: Breed integrated design

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