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Exhibition Maatwerk/Massarbeit

8 oktober 2016 t/m 12 februari 2017
Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt


The 'Maatwerk Massarbeit. Architektur aus Flandern und den Niederlanden / Custom Made Architecture from Flanders and the Netherlands' exhibition at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt uses a selection of scale models to cast light on custom-made work, precision and craftsmanship as an undercurrent in Flemish and Dutch architecture of the last 30 years.

Despite the shared language and the relative cultural familiarity, architects in the Netherlands and Flanders operate in a strikingly different architectural climate and spatial and cultural context. By way of this shared anthology, the organizers hope to prompt a new dialogue between two architecture cultures based on the selected scale models. The exhibition's curators are Sofie De Caigny of the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAi) in Antwerp and Veldwerk Architecten


The presentation by architects from both countries will give the well-known Dutch architecture a new perspective on the highly traded Flemish scene. In addition, it will deepen the productive relations between the two architectural cultures. The exhibition shows a collection of models and photographs that reflect the dialogue between the architectural cultures of Flanders during this period. Scale models create a landscape that tells the story of the three decades of the Flemish and Dutch architecture. Including private houses and public buildings, utopian designs whose organic development took many years to complete. On the one hand, photographs of existing buildings will illustrate the context sensitive side of this architecture but also the importance of craftsmanship for the quality of architecture.

This exhibition is part of the cultural programme accompanying the Frankfurt Book Fair, where the Netherlands and Flanders are this year's guest of honour. Creative Industries Fund NL has contributed to the exhibition as well as to the content of the opening programme.



Ae, Almannai Fischer, Amunt, Anne Dessing, Ard de Vries, Bartscher Architekten, BeL Architekten, BureauVanEig, Dhooge & Meganck, Eagles of Architecture, enofstudio, Fthenakis Ropee, Olivier Goethals, Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven, Tim Klauser, KofinkSchels, Barend Koolhaas, Korth Tielens, la-di-da, Leuschner von Gaudecker, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Marcel Lok Architect, Donna van Milligen Bielke, Monadnock, Murmuur, Studio Nauta, Nuyken von Oefele, Olivier Goethals, ONO Architectuur, Open Architecture Office, Tim Peeters, Perneel Osten, Raamwerk, Sander Rutgers & Marieke Rombout, Thys Vermeulen, Trans, Unknown Architects, Veldwerk Architecten, Werkstatt, Wolfgang Rossbauer.

Project: Tentoonstelling MAATWERK/MASSARBEIT

Location: Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt 

Curator: Jantje Engels & Marius Grootveld

Year: 2017-2018

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