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Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

The Montessori Lyceum is partly located in two beautiful monumental buildings, Unfortunately, much of this grandeur has since disappeared. The courtyard and structure of the ensemble of buildings are clouded by a multitude of occasional changes and renovations due to a lack of space. The courtyard is full of bike racks due to the growing number of pupils.
To make the courtyard a coherent open space again, we have raised the ground level of the square to accommodate a large bicycle cellar for 1500 bicycles underneath. The landscape above will connect to the different entrances of the existing buildings at different heights. The bike cellar level will be a pleasant underground square with lots of as well as a janitors Panopticum, which will ensure overview and safety.

Building A owns a beautiful modernist structure, but is currently too small for the intended program. By extending a new façade, as a balloon between the existing construction, the extra desired square meters are realized. This will allows not only the classrooms, but also the corridors additional workplaces.
A new building has been designed for building C, which deals more efficiently with the valuable square meters of the plot, while at the same time contributing to the coherence of the new courtyard.

Client: Montessori scholen gemeenschap Amsterdam & Mevrouw Meijer
Locatie: Pieter de Hoochstraat Amsterdam
Status: Research, Preliminary design
Team: Ard de Vries Architecten & Studio Donna van Milligen Bielke
Model: In collaboration with Fluke concrete

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